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Quality and efficient mold design work is very important for mold makers to reduce cost, shorten lead time and ensure parts quality, Golden-Mold has a group of professional designers who are skilled in using Pro-E, UG, Solid works, AutoCAD etc. soft wares. We can receive and read drawing files in any engineering format such as PDF, IGS, SLDPRT, IGEAS, STP, X-T, DWG, DWF etc. We can complete the mold design and provide 2D mold drawing to the clients within 3 days after kicking off the project. After that we can also complete the 3D mold drawing within 2 weeks.

Our engineers will follow up the mold tooling progress step by step and work with the clients everyday to ensure that everything meets requirements. We will answer clients’ questions and give updates on time so that the clients can watch and understand the whole progress of the tooling. We provide tooling progress report on Wednesday every week. After the tooling is finished, we will provide the T1 inspection report and ship samples to the clients for review. Then we make necessary modifications according to clients’ requirements. If there are any problems with the molds after shipping to the clients, we will work with the clients closely to find solutions to solve the problems, and if it is our fault, we will ship replacements for any components on time.


  1. IGES, DXF, STEP,PARASOLID and IDEAS translation packages
  2. Unigraphics
  3. Pro-E
  4. SDRC Artisan
  5. Intergraph EMS
  6. Solid Modeler Solid works
  7. AutoCAD